The Art of Being Social During Coronavirus (Social Distancing Edition)

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If you are now working remotely and socially distancing yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to stop being social or let your productivity slide, but what can you do to work on your social skills, grow your network, and knock your productivity out of the park so you can come out the other side of this with countless opportunities?


What to Listen For

  • What can you do to work on your social skills when we’re trying to socially isolate ourselves?
  • How do you stay social when going out and meeting people isn’t an option?
  • What can you do to stay focused and energized when working from home?
  • How do you work on building your professional network when more and more conferences and networking events are being cancelled as people embrace social distancing?
  • What can you say when you’re trying to reach out to people you’ve never met but wanted to?
  • How can you be productive when working from home and why is it so important to maintain the same routine you use when at the office?
  • What should you focus on when establishing a remote work environment and routine?
  • What can you do to completely upgrade your productivity at home if you’re not used to working at home?
  • Why does physical exercise play such a positive role in your daily routine, especially when you’re working from home?
  • What can you do to turn this remote working situation into a long term opportunity so you won’t have to go into the office as much once the pandemic is over?


If you want to relax during this pandemic and enjoy the time you have away from work and with your family, by all means, do the thing that is going to bring you security and fulfillment during these chaotic times. However, if you want to take this amazing opportunity to improve yourself personally, socially, and professionally, there are a number of things you can do every day to practice your social skills, develop your network, and show your boss you can be more productive at home and build the trust necessary to allow you to work remotely even when the dust has settled.


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