Imagine having a close group of friends who support you, hold you accountable, and celebrate your successes – so you stop procrastinating on your social life and finally take action

Get your personal coach and become part of an exclusive group of 10 like-minded people to overcome your fears, grow your social circle, build deep inner confidence and always follow through.

The solution is NOT reading more self-help books, watching the 30th Youtube video, or telling yourself to “just do it”. Trying harder is not the solution.

Instead, you need to take action. You need to put yourself out there, talk to strangers, and face your fears.

BUT… it’s really hard to do alone and on your own.

This is why coaching and having someone who’s been through the process, and who can guide you through it is crucial to your success. Someone who points out your blind-spots and helps you let go of your old beliefs.

You’ll also need peers, like-minded people that are working on the same goal and that ‘get you’. Who are committed. Who won’t let you fail. People that make sure you put yourself out there and follow through on your commitments.

Once you have coaching, support and accountability crushing your fears and developing confidence becomes a cakewalk.

Which is why we created the Core Confidence Group Coaching Program.

Core Confidence

CORE CONFIDENCE is an 8-week online group coaching program for shy introverts, who finally want to feel confident and comfortable around others, effortlessly talk to anyone, and connect with people anytime, anywhere.  

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What you’ll get:

  • Your own personal coach who went through the same transformation years earlier
  • A group of 10 like-minded people who are 100% committed to working on the same goal: develop confidence!
  • Weekly sessions, with your coach and group where you’ll work through exercises that allow you to overcome negative thoughts, break free from your old narrative, and develop true inner confidence.
  • Challenges to practice your newly learned skills in the real world. Group supported and coach guided of course.

This is not a pre-recorded video course

Core Confidence is a tailored 2 month group coaching program with weekly coaching calls.

This means you don’t need to worry if you’ll “follow through”. Your coach will hold you accountable and make sure you take action.

Your New Skill Set Will Be…

  • Command Respect

    Naturally gain the attention, respect, and curiosity of those around you, allowing to you direct the momentum of the group and carry on conversations while adding value.

  • Advanced Social Skills

    Make a lasting impression on anyone so that they’re looking forward to talking to you again including building trust within teams and in networking situations.

  • Communication Analysis

    Learn to read between the lines of communication and understand why people are really saying what they’re saying. AND — understand why you’re saying what you’re saying as well.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Resolve conflicts in meetings, between colleagues, or in any social environment with empathy and confidence.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Identify and destroy negative thoughts and behaviors (including neediness, approval seeking, hesitance, and self-doubt).

What we’ll do

Weekly Coaching Calls – You will meet with your group once a week for a 2-hour video call, where you will work on your individual sticking points and learn new skills to build deep inner confidence and crush it in your social life. Each call will end with a specific homework assignment, challenge or exercise – so you keep on making progress between sessions.

Unlimited Email Coaching – Once you are signed up, you will have a personal coach, whom you can email at any time. Your coach will go out of his way to support you in any way possible.

Recordings of All Sessions – You will get a recording of all sessions. So even if you miss a session you can always re-watch it and follow through with the exercises. And even after the course is over, you will have access to all recordings indefinitely.

Peer Group – The members of this group are like you! They are longing to connect with like-minded people who are working on themselves and want more from life. This group will be your peer group and will hold you accountable, push you above your limits and support you along your journey.

And most importantly:

Follow-Up Accountability – Even after the 2 months are over, we will set up a structured accountability process to make sure you follow through on your goals, and that the changes you’ve created will stick.

A Proven Process

We have been teaching social skills and confidence for over twelve years with thousands of clients joining us in Los Angeles for our immersive Bootcamp experience.

This means our processes and strategies are battle tested and have been honed over the last decade to deliver results. Period.

Many of our students are already very socially adept and successful in their businesses and personal lives. One of the core principles here at The Art of Charm is a dedication to constant growth and improvement. That means there’s always more to learn, more to master, more to discover. And because you’re constantly evolving, there’s always a valuable place for you in our program. Our coaches can take you from wherever you are now – at any skill level – to astronomical places.

What past clients say

    • Connector.</span >

      "Core Confidence was life changing"
      -Charles, USA
    • Connector.</span >

      "I strongly recommend this to anyone who is social anxious, doesn't believe in themselves and wants to take the next steps in their life... your future self will thank you"
      -Justin, USA
    • Connector.</span >

      "I highly recommend the core confidence program to anyone who's looking to hold themselves accountable"
      -Phil, USA
  • Connector.</span >

    Michael was an amazing instructor, and he helped me realize my limiting thought patterns and beliefs
    -Ege, CA

What we will cover

  • Week #1 Evaluate and Set Goals: Rewriting the Story of who you are
  • Week #2 Dealing with difficult emotions – Never again be the victim of your emotions
  • Week #3 Social Circle – Build Friendships From Scratch to Grow Your Network
  • Week #4 Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Week #5 Goals – Upping Your Motivation and Work life
  • Week #6 Present Moment Awareness – Stop being caught up in your head
  • Week #7 Core Beliefs – Breaking Free From Your Narrative and Negative Beliefs
  • Week #8 Future Vision – Setting the Stage For a Grand Future

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