James Altucher | 50 Alternatives to College and How to Choose Yourself (Episode 300)

On The Art of Charm James and I talk about alternatives to college and why they are important to thriving and how to choose yourself everyday.

“The best indicator of a successful tomorrow is having a successful day today — that’s the only thing.”  – James Altucher The Cheat Sheet: Why starting a business is better than going to college. (27:00) Anyone can take the bar exam in California: true or false? (30:20) US economics in three minutes.  (34:40) Where is the money in today’s economy and is there … Read More

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BONUS: Tai Lopez | Earn More, Learn More and Deserve It All

Tai Lopez is a multi-millionaire and life experimenter who dates the world's most beautiful women. Today he talks about earning more and deserving the best.

“What makes homo sapiens the dominant force on the planet for the last 150,000 years is the brain.”  – Tai Lopez What would you call a man who spent his teenage years in a mobile home park, lived with the Amish for 2.5 years as an experiment, was a professional tango dancer, dated a Brazilian model, was a self-made millionaire in … Read More

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Paul Gilmartin | The Mental Illness Happy Hour (Episode 289)

Paul Gilmartin joins us to share how he’s utilizing his own story and others’ to help the world see why mental illness is something we need to talk about.

“The things that hurt you the most are going to be the things that ultimately bring you the most insight.”  -Paul Gilmartin (Direct Download) Mental illness. It’s definitely a taboo topic in most circles, even if we are personally affected by it in some way. And yet that very avoidance is what is most detrimental to anyone directly or indirectly experiencing … Read More

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Nick Morgan | Power Cues (Episode #288)

Dr. Nick Morgan, a communication expert, shares the two parts of every communication and the role our unconscious plays in our actions and our results.

  “Every communication is two conversations: the content and the body language. When the two are aligned, you can be successful.“ – Nick Morgan Did you ever do something and then think, why the heck did I just do that? Our guest for episode 288, Dr. Nick Morgan, can shed some light on that for you! He says there are two parts of every … Read More

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Hunter Maats | The Straight-A Conspiracy (Episode 287)

Is there a genetic reason why we're good at some things and not others? Hunter Maats shares the science behind how and why we learn, and it isn't our genes.

Hunter Maats, co-author of The Straight-A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School and Totally Ruling the World, says if you’ve learned one thing in your life, you can learn anything. And he is here to share the science that supports this belief. “It is our emotional experience that makes the difference in how we’re learning.“ -Hunter Maats … Read More

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Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Black Hole Focus (Episode 284)

Most people believe charisma is something you're born with. Not so according to Dr. Isaiah Hankel, author, biotech consultant and successful entrepreneur.

“Paradoxes are powerful. The main paradox when it comes to being charismatic that you want to create, is to create the paradox of strength and warmth .” -Isaiah Hankel Download audio file Most people believe charisma is something you’ve either got or you don’t — that you’re somehow born with it. Not so, according to our guest for episode 284. … Read More

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