Finding Your Purpose

Discover your true calling
Finding purpose and meaning is at the heart of a thriving career and a satisfying life. But how do you discover what you’re meant to do? How do you turn your passions into your calling? In this section, we explore how to find your purpose and infuse your choices with meaning and excitement.

5 Common Frustrations and How to Handle Them

5 Common Frustrations and How to Handle Them

I was browsing Reddit the other day when I came across a thread that caught my eye. The title was simple: “What frustrates you most about life?” The frustrations people submitted ranged from economic to familial, psychological to political. They were all universal human concerns — problems men and women from all walks of life struggle with every single day. Many of them focus on the same themes we explore in our live residential programs and on the podcast. Several were questions I’ve wrestled with in my own life. As I read, I found myself wanting to respond to each … Read More

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How to Pivot and Why We Need to Get Better at It

How to Pivot and Why We Need to Get Better at It

A drastic career transition may not be the change your life wants, but it might be just the change your life needs. Here are ten things to consider when deciding if such a change is right for you from Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One. [Image by Benjamin Child] Jenny Blake, our guest for episode 545 of the podcast, is unlike a lot of people you’ll find online who profess to help others — because she’s actually done what she helps other people do. I know — the audacity! Jenny has the unique … Read More

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Five Questions You’d Better Be Asking Yourself

Five Questions You'd Better Be Asking Yourself

These five questions are simple, but the answers can be transformative. Asking them of yourself will only take a few minutes each day, but the responses will continue to guide you throughout your life. [Image by Luca Biada] There’s an old Chinese proverb I love. “He who asks a question is fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” In that spirit — and at the risk of sounding like Buzzfeed just barfed all over The Art of Charm blog — I want to share five questions you should be asking yourself at … Read More

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Rediscover Yourself As You Redesign Your Place

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For many of us, decorating an apartment feels more like a chore than an opportunity. Moving into a new place means an obligatory trip to IKEA, rounded out by a few impulse purchases on Amazon. A couple years later, we swap out the sheets and repaint the walls, and slowly accumulate books, bedding and DVDs, which accidentally become part of our ad-hoc interior design. But decorating — and redecorating — can be so much more than that. And it should be: Design isn’t just about what “works,” but about who we are. What we put in our apartments is one … Read More

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Cole Hatter | Survive and Thrive (Episode 416)

In episode 416 of The Art of Charm, we learn how entrepreneur and speaker Cole Hatter overcame tragedy to have a measurable, positive impact on the world.

Tragedy is not a choice; learning how to thrive in its aftermath is. “When you get thrown out of a car going 80, you usually leave a little bit of skin on the pavement.” -Cole Hatter The Cheat Sheet: How can you ensure that tragedy creates rather than conquers? You don’t have to give up the dream life to help others live theirs. What’s the difference between a non-profit and for-purpose business? Literally ‘buy happiness’ by learning how to build a cause that resonates with you into your business model. Discover the real meaning of “R&D” and how to land meetings with even … Read More

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The Crisis of Masculinity

On a recent episode of The Art of Charm Podcast, Craig Wilkinson shared an illuminating story about his native South Africa. In some areas, he explained, elephant populations grow too large. So park rangers have two options: They can start shooting the elephants, or they can move some elephants to another location. In one case, rangers opted for the latter, relocating a population of young elephants across the country. Not long after, the young male elephants began running riot. They killed lots of other animals, not for food or protection, but for the sheer thrill of it. No one could … Read More

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What To Do When Your Job Sucks

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Do you find yourself uttering the words, “My job sucks?” If you’re like most Americans, you probably sympathize. A recent Forbes article reported that over half of Americans don’t like where they work. If you’re not crazy about your job, you’re probably not feeling too great about life, either. That’s only normal: You spend half or more of your waking hours at work, so if you’re not being fulfilled professionally, your day-to-day experience will suffer. So what do you do when your job sucks? And how do you go about leaving a job you hate? First, accept that you can … Read More

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Men Who Have Remade Themselves

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I often say that who you are now is not who you have to be. I genuinely believe that our past does not determine our future, and that there’s nothing truly fixed about our personalities. Self reinvention isn’t just possible, but incredibly important for our growth, and there are plenty of effective ways to reinvent yourself. So I got to thinking: Who are some men who have remade themselves successfully? What can we learn about personal development from prominent figures who transformed over time? Everyone talks about personal development, but I was particularly interested in examples of radical transformation — … Read More

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How to Become Who You Want to Be

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So you want to become a better person. I’m a huge believer in a simple concept that can change your life: Who you have been is not who you have to be. At the same time, who you are today will determine who you are in the future. The way you live your life today determines the quality and experience of your life tomorrow. As independent, self-oriented men, we get to decide who we want to be, every single day. And who we are is a function of what we do, so whether we are consciously trying or not, we … Read More

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