Become an excellent builder and manager.
In this section, we explore the larger world of building and managing companies and products. We discuss the key moments, questions, and principles at play at every step in the growth of an organization. In addition to the technical aspects of entrepreneurship, we also address the psychology of creating something of your own and the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face.

10 Things I Learned from James Altucher about Minimalism, Failure, and Not Giving Advice

10 Things I Learned from James Altucher about Minimalism, Failure, and Not Giving Advice

James Altucher is an extraordinary man with extraordinary perspectives on everything from smart business to living a satisfying life — and how they intertwine. Here are 10 things he taught us on episode 540 of The Art of Charm. James Altucher’s appearance on episode 540 of The Art of Charm was so chock full of wisdom that I felt compelled to share the top 10 things I took away from it. Still, this is really just the tip of the iceberg; I encourage anyone who benefits from this list to give the entire episode a listen here: Here are the … Read More

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Cole Hatter | Survive and Thrive (Episode 416)

In episode 416 of The Art of Charm, we learn how entrepreneur and speaker Cole Hatter overcame tragedy to have a measurable, positive impact on the world.

Tragedy is not a choice; learning how to thrive in its aftermath is. “When you get thrown out of a car going 80, you usually leave a little bit of skin on the pavement.” -Cole Hatter The Cheat Sheet: How can you ensure that tragedy creates rather than conquers? You don’t have to give up the dream life to help others live theirs. What’s the difference between a non-profit and for-purpose business? Literally ‘buy happiness’ by learning how to build a cause that resonates with you into your business model. Discover the real meaning of “R&D” and how to land meetings with even … Read More

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Want to Build Your Network? First, Build Yourself

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Networking. Putting aside the fact that the word makes me cringe — there’s just something smarmy and disingenuous about “working” to build genuine rapport — we all know that building a network is absolutely essential to being successful. I get it. I’ve definitely found that the “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” principle holds true in most cases. But the truth is, I’ve spent the majority of the past year “networking” less than a Tibetan monk. I’ve ignored conferences, skipped networking events, and turned down enough event invitations to convince my friends I’ve moved away. And yet … Read More

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Solving the Authenticity Paradox (How To Be Who You Really Are)

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Ah, how to be authentic. Authenticity is one of those qualities that has become so desirable, so sought after, that it has been reduced — just like generosity and gratitude — to a meaningless cliché. And yet everything we teach at The Art of Charm, from storytelling to approaching to confronting limiting beliefs, seems to come back to the core concept of being who you are, which might just be the most difficult skill you can master. Authenticity is as elusive as it is powerful, but so many people are still baffled by the notion of how to be authentic. … Read More

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The War of Art: The One Book That Kicked My Ass Into Doing More (And Will Kick Yours Too)

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Why is it that tomorrow always seems like the best time to start a project? It’s hard to stop making excuses sometimes. Maybe we feel like we’re not quite ready. Or maybe we believe our idea won’t turn out as solid as we first thought. More often than not, we’ll spend more time thinking about doing something than actually doing it. Tomorrow, right? Imagine a 350 pound MMA fighter, legs of steel, wearing steel-toe boots. Now imagine a swift kick in the ass from him, knocking away your excuses and rationalizations for not working on your project. Then, imagine him … Read More

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Create the Ultimate Social Sales Funnel

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Jon Levy really gets how the social sales funnel works, and why it’s so important. Jordan recently had the leading behavior expert, consultant and writer on The Art of Charm Podcast, and I was amazed at how much overlap there is between what he’s doing and what we’re doing. Among others, Levy has had Nobel laureates, royalty — literal royalty, not the metaphorical “Hollywood royalty” kind — and Olympic medal winners operating at the pinnacle of influence and prestige in the world. The concept of a social sales funnel is one of my favorite developments at The Art of Charm. … Read More

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How the Company You Keep Determines Who You Are

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When Scott Dinsmore of Living Legend was interviewed on The Art of Charm podcast, he and Jordan touched on the famous Jim Rohn quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You have to wonder: Is that true?  And if so, why?  In what ways do the people around us shape who we are and who we become? For insights into these questions, here are some scientific explanations on how the people around us influence who we are — and why we should choose your friends wisely surround ourselves with stellar people. Your … Read More

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Turn Your Passion Into Projects

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Turning your passion into a project is really what life is all about. Right now you might be working 50 or even 60 hours a week on something you’re not that interested in. Even if you are interested in it, unless you own your own business, you’re working on someone else’s project. But ultimately you want to feel ownership over you work, you want to be jazzed about it, right? But how do you actually start living your passion? What most of the guys who read The Art of Charm want to do (if they’re not already hard at work … Read More

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When You’re in a Relationship with Your Start-Up: Take It Slow

“It can take ten years to become an overnight success.” Various sources How long does it take to turn your business into a profit-generating machine?  What steps can you take to reach that stage faster?  And what are the most important lessons to take away from entrepreneurs who have come before you? If you need valuable tips for starting a business or growing your enterprise, you’ll want to stay tuned to The Art of Charm. In a recent Art of Charm podcast Jordan sat down with John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire (EoF) to discuss how John grew … Read More

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