Building A Connection

Develop immediate trust and rapport
In this section, we explore the art and science of building a connection with the people you meet. Learn to develop organic trust and genuine rapport — the pillars of a deep connection — and apply them to your professional, romantic and platonic relationships.

The Art of Attraction – Why Your Words Aren’t Important

Numerous dating advice websites are filled with lines and routines, and some of them can even work on certain women under certain circumstances, but whether you decide to use a direct approach or a popular opener, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Your words really aren’t that important. That’s why some guys are successful with really cheesy lines, … Read More

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How to Use Approach Anxiety to Your Advantage

How to Use Approach Anxiety to Your Advantage

Approach anxiety affects every guy on some level. Although not every guy hyperventilates when approaching a beautiful woman, we all know what it feels like to have our hearts start racing as we take those slow, dramatic steps forward. A lot of guys are asking, “How can I overcome approach anxiety?” But the question is built on a faulty premise. … Read More

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Why Women Don’t Understand What Men Say

“Men are simple? You really think men are simple?” she asked me again, in a voice filled with skeptical curiosity. She obviously didn’t agree with me, or thought I was deluded. I had just met her at a small get-together the night before. She was one of my male friend’s dates, and we’d run into each other again the next … Read More

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The Secret To Building Rapport

Think of Rapport like a empty pot in the middle of two people, and every time one person opens up about themselves, those feelings go in the pot. If one person adds too much into the pot the other one can become nervous and start to pull away. This pot needs to be filled equally on both sides for everyone in the interaction … Read More

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Relationship Management

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Men and women should make sure that they are taking care of themselves first before they try to take care of other people. It always seems like the minute you allow someone to be the number one priority in your life is the minute they have nothing to work for anymore. They become bored and start looking for the next … Read More

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