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The truth is, a lot of us started off awkward

Until we mastered what to say, how we appear, and the way we feel

If you’ve ever felt awkward or out of place at a party–or if you freeze up during conversations…

Let me tell you something: outgoing, confident guys weren’t born with charisma.

Nope, they spent time (sometimes years!) mastering social skills to attract and connect with high quality people.

We know because we’ve coached a lot of these men. And every single one of them came to us with social anxiety issues we’ve helped them overcome.

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Hi. I’m Johnny Dzubak.

I wasn’t always this confident.

I’m a rock n’ roll guitarist. And on stage, I knew how to crush it. A lot of people would be able to see me be loose on stage and think that I was free of self doubt and full of confidence to perform. What they didn’t know was it took years of practice to get to that point.

Whose Fault is It When A Conversation Goes Wrong?

How I finally stopped getting in my own way of the “good life”

And on stage was one thing. Once I walked off the stage, well, that was a different story. I was angry and felt that I was being treated unfairly by the the forces at hand.

You’d think I’d have all the confidence in the world. You’d think I could say one word and get anything I wanted. You’d think I knew how to fearlessly express myself.

But it wasn’t that easy.

See, I used to think I was the victim. I felt that others stood in my way.

I used to think the “good life” was only for “those guys”–and that I wasn’t worth it, or wasn’t born with the skills to get what I really wanted.

And that made me angry.

The worst part is, this internal anger would show up in conversations. You can easily guess what would happen–people would think I’m either uninterested, moody, or arrogant.

But that’s not who I was at all. Deep down, I really wanted to get to know them.

It wasn’t until I got into self development that I realized that the problem was me. I didn’t have the skills to make my life easy. In fact I made my life harder than it needed to be.

I had limiting beliefs that needed to change. It was me that was in my own way of happiness and success.

Now, I have this bulletproof confidence in myself. I can connect with interesting people in any situation. My personal relationships have never been more meaningful. I’ve never been so close to the people I care about.

You could say I’m finally showing up how I’ve always wanted.

Hi, I’m Johnny Dzubak, rock-n-roll guitarist and confidence coach.

The truth is, it took me years to finally feel confident in my own skin.

For you, all you need is 6 days at the in-person Art of Charm Bootcamp.


What do “those guys” know that you don’t?


Why do some guys seem like they can go up to anyone and strike up a conversation?

You know the type:

  • He walks into a room and people stop what they’re doing to pay attention to him
  • Controls the group conversation
  • Commands respect during meetings and gets the promotions
  • Always has interesting plans on the weekends
  • Has deep friendships — people he knows he can depend on
  • Attracts beautiful, quality women

What do they know that you don’t? What’s their secret?

The truth is, a lot of us started off awkward:

We’d stand in a corner alone, waiting for people to come up to us–then end up spending the entire event by ourselves.

We’d stumble on our words in meetings while everyone checked their phones. Is anyone even listening?

When we finally work up the courage to talk to strangers, we’d hit a conversation dead-end almost immediately–and miss out on connecting.

We’d HATE when people ask us about our weekend plans–because we usually had nothing interesting going on

And when this happens over and over for years, you start to lose confidence in yourself. You question your every move, every word you say, every decision you make.

But what if you could learn how to approach anyone with confidence? What if you could master the art of conversation and instantly connect with high quality people?

…all while being yourself?

Let me tell you: most of these guys weren’t born with this charisma.

In fact, every single AoC alumni started off with low confidence.

If you’ve ever felt awkward or out of place at a party–or if you tend to “freeze” during conversations…

That’s where Art of Charm comes in. We help you bring out the best parts of you.

So you can be confident in any social situation:

  • Confidently walk up to any stranger, strike up a conversation, and connect instantly
  • You can win over your boss (we call this the “layover effect,” you want your boss to be thrilled to be stuck at an airport with you)
  • You can build meaningful relationships and always have friends to hang out with

Spend one week with 9 other men in a lavish house in LA–then walk away with the right skills to:

  • Confidently walk up to any stranger, strike up a conversation, and connect instantly
  • Avoid coming off creepy, uninterested, or arrogant. Our coaches give you the real-time feedback on what you’ve been doing wrong for YEARS!
  • Instantly read someone before you even talk to them–and know how to approach them
  • Save the day: be the superhero who solves tough conflicts at work or home
  • Get invitations to trips, parties, dinners, weddings, and exclusive events
  • Command respect from your friends, co-workers, family, and women
  • Call the shots: Naturally influence important decisions at work or with your friends

I know it sounds like a lot to accomplish in just one week.

That’s because our Bootcamp coaches dive deep into every area of your life.


In 6 days at Art of Charm Bootcamp, you learn more than spending years figuring this out on your own:

  • Day 1: We’ll video tape you and our coaches will point out how you come across to strangers–and how to nail each and every first impression.
  • Day 2: Learn to become that in-demand, high-value man people admire. At night, we’ll go out on Hollywood Boulevard and put the skills you’ve learned so far to the test.
  • Day 3: Our coaches will give you feedback about your night out. You’ll learn how to get out of your head and the art of playful banter.
  • Day 4: Practice on how to pick up a conversation, chime in with humor, and navigate awkward moments. We’ll go out again to practice your new skills at a buzzing bar in Hollywood.
  • Day 5: We’ll give you a bulletproof mindset to banish your deepest insecurities. We’ll video tape you again so you can see the improvement. Alumni say this is the most impactful moment of the week. You can see how you’ve transformed in the last 5 days!
  • Day 6: Learn how to build and deepen connections so you have a strong circle of friends.

…and beyond. After bootcamp, the learning isn’t over. And you’re not on your own.

You get post-program coaching calls and a 6-month follow-up to make sure you’re still on the right track.

Plus, you get lifetime access to a network of thousands of Art of Charm Bootcamp alumni in our private Facebook group. Alumni are arranging local in-person meetups, posting their wins, and asking for advice or encouragement whenever they’re stuck.

We even host alumni weekends all over the world: BBQing in Nashville, sailing in Barcelona–only the fun stuff!


This Bootcamp gives you skills to transform every aspect of your life

Not just lines or words to say

Moise A


“Since taking Bootcamp, my social life has been the busiest and happiest it’s ever been…new friends and dates every week, getting invites to parties, trips, or social outings. Thanks to what I’ve learned, I’ve had awesome people approach me at all kinds of venues.” -Moise A.

Kelvin S.


“Before going through AoC, I was on the way to leave for the Navy. I was mentally running away from the life because after finishing college I couldn’t get the level of work I hoped for. Now, six months after Bootcamp I have a new job and have grown my annual income by over 60%. This one aspect alone made Bootcamp worth it for me.” -Kelvin S.

Steve W


“I am so much more confident in my ability to attract and connect with women. My favorite part of the program was the tailored feedback; I grew by leaps and bounds each day because of the coach and peer feedback. I am not scared about going out anymore or even worried about messing up.” -Steve W.

“I never realized I came off as fake or insecure.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Has anyone ever sincerely told you what you’re doing wrong when you meet people? I’m talking your tone, your body language, non-verbal communication, what you say…

Even the friends we trust the most can’t tell us. Even if they were willing to, they wouldn’t know exactly what you’re doing wrong!

That’s why we video tape you on Day 1 of Bootcamp. Our coaches review your video with you. They can immediately identify how you can correct your form.

And most guys are shocked to see what they look like on video!

It’s like a lightbulb goes off in these guys’ heads. Finally, they realize for the first time in their lives why they struggle to connect deeply with people.

The thing is, some guys go their entire lives without figuring this out!

But what if you could identify your blind spots–and fix them–right away?

You don’t have to wait for one of your friends to tell you if you’re coming off as creepy, needy, or uninterested.

And you don’t have to spend the next couple years (or more!) course correcting yourself.

At Bootcamp, you find out on day one. Then, we spend the rest of our time together learning how to naturally nail first impressions and make deep connections.


Gain a strong network of friends… where you live


After Bootcamp, we don’t send you off on your own into the wild.

You join an active network of thousands alumni–men who went through the same personal transformation from Bootcamp.

What’s more, you gain a group of friends. Art of Charm alumni are meeting up in-person and hanging out together in their cities.

We even host quarterly mastermind events all over the world: Austin, Barcelona, Iceland, Nicaragua, Miami. We’ll hang out and go on adventures together–and the best part is, we’ll grow together. We’ll help each other with our challenges, opportunities, or doubts.

Plus, you’ll stay in touch with your fellow classmates:

We don’t always have tons of friends we can talk to about personal development. When you join the Art of Charm Family, you have support from thousands of these alumni whenever you feel stuck or need advice.

You don’t have to go through this journey on your own–during Bootcamp and after.


Meet Your Coaches

AJ Harbinger

Former cancer biologist turned world-class relationship development coach. With his background as a biologist, AJ brings scientific, evidence-based approach to confidence and charisma. He’s spent over 10 years coaching men how to build confidence, deepen relationships, and create social capital.

Johnny Dzubak

Johnny wasn’t always this charismatic. He eventually learned the art of persuasion, influence and charisma while in the music business. And now, he’s a confidence and networking coach at Art of Charm.

What happens next after you apply


Once you click that “Apply Now” button below, you’ll book a call with my teammate Erin. On the call with Erin, she’ll determine if Bootcamp is a good fit for you.

If you are a good fit for Bootcamp, Erin will schedule another quick call with one of my teammates. You’ll both discuss what you want to work on so Bootcamp can be tailored to you.

From there, you can decide if Bootcamp is for you.

Our call slots do get booked up fast–apply now to secure your spot and speak with us soon.


We’re taking any risk away from you and putting it all on our shoulders

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By the end of the program, you feel like you didn’t get any value out of it or didn’t have a good experience for whatever reason–pull one of our coaches aside. Let them know by the last day of the program the reasons why, and we will refund your entire amount back.

We’re so confident you’ll see the value in this Bootcamp, we’re putting all the risk on our shoulders. We want to make the decision to join Bootcamp the most valuable and easiest decision you’ll make this year.

Apply now–the bootcamp is capped at 10 people. We keep this training intimate so our coaches can give you individual attention for faster transformation.


As I see it, you have two options from here:


You can stay where you are and choose Option 1:

You can hide at home and avoid meeting new people…and keep hoping you’ll one day get invited to cool events–then spend your Friday and Saturday nights without plans.

You can lie in bed replaying your social interactions over and over, beating yourself up for saying the wrong thing.

You can go unnoticed in work meetings, unrecognized by your boss–all while being undervalued and underpaid.

You can choose to work 50+ hours a week as an excuse to skip out on social and networking events.

You can keep reading book after book….listening to podcast after podcast…and spend years overcoming your social anxiety on your own. Who knows when you’ll finally reach that level of confidence to take control of your life?

Listen, I’ve been there. In my own personal journey, I wasted tons of time focusing on the wrong things. I only wish I had someone there to point out my fears and self-sabotaging actions.

Which is why you have Option 2:

You can instantly connect with anyone in any social setting–and finally stop worrying about “messing up.”

You can have a busy, fulfilling social calendar packed with exciting events–and never spend the night alone while everyone’s out having fun.

You can be the guy who solves problems and makes tough decisions at work. Your coworkers will go to you before they ever make significant decisions!

You can deepen relationships with friends, family, and women–and have a strong social circle.

It’s easy to put this off and tell yourself you’ll do this later.

Which option will you choose?


Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically joins The Art of Charm bootcamp?

All types of men come to The Art of Charm Bootcamp. We’ve coached engineers, doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, IT professionals, military Special Forces personnel, and more.

One thing each man has in common is the willingness and desire to become extraordinary.

That’s because the Art of Charm focuses on ALL aspects of a guy’s life. During the Bootcamp, you’ll get quality bonding time with your fellow classmates. And a lot of classmates end up becoming lifelong friends after the Bootcamp.

I’m already in a relationship. Is this bootcamp right for me?

The Art of Charm Bootcamp is NOT “pick-up artistry.” These sleazy “attraction programs” turn you into a fake version of what they think women want–and hope these superficial changes improve the rest of your life.

What you really learn from The Art of Charm Bootcamp is the philosophy of attraction based on true authenticity, trust, and respect.

Which is why plenty of men who join Bootcamp are already married or in a serious relationship. They come to us to learn how to become more social, interesting, or more attractive to their significant other.

Can’t I learn all of this by listening to your podcasts?

It’s true–our podcast dives deeper into topics than most other podcasts.

At the Bootcamp, you get 1-on-1 attention from our coaches. These coaches give you custom feedback on where you can improve. They’ll help you rewire your mindset to give you the sky-high confidence in any social situation.

By the end of the first day, you’ll already know what you do wrong in social situations and how to fix your blind spots. Plus, you will have practiced these new skills out in the wild!

Needless to say, you can’t get this value from any podcast, blog post, YouTube video, or book.

How much does the bootcamp cost?

The cost to attend the Bootcamp depends on the date you attend, if you’re a veteran, and payment plan.

Because every student is different, it’s best we talk about pricing on the phone.

Prices do tend to go up based on demand. Schedule your call now to lock in the best value pricing.