In-Person Training to Take Your Leadership, Networking, and Professional Skills to the Next Level

If you’ve ever felt awkward or out of place at a event–or if you freeze up during conversations…

Let me tell you something: outgoing, confident guys weren’t born with charisma.

Nope, they spent time (sometimes years!) mastering social skills to attract and connect with high quality people.

We know because we’ve coached a lot of these men.

And every single one of them came to us with social anxiety issues we’ve helped them overcome.

Johnny Dzubak and AJ Harbinger are experts at social engineering, networking and relationship building.

Over the course of the past ten years, Johnny and AJ have developed a proprietary curriculum with a series of interactive exercises to put leadership and business networking principles in action.

Business Bootcamp Members will gain the following skillset:
  • Leadership: Lead and inspire your colleagues and teammates to achieve new goals and deliver breakthrough results.

  • Command Respect: Naturally gain the attention, respect and curiosity of those around you, allowing to you direct the momentum of the group.

  • Read a Room: Instantly scan a room and understand the dynamics at play in any social or professional situation.

  • Character Analysis: Assess people’s confidence, competence, presence and social awareness before they even know you’re paying attention.

  • Communication Analysis: Learn to read between the lines of communication and understand why people are really saying what they’re saying.

  • Negotiation Techniques: Develop subtle (and not-so-subtle) persuasion tactics to influence decision-making and guide people toward your desired outcomes.

  • Conflict Resolution: Resolve conflicts in meetings, between colleagues, or in any social environment with empathy and confidence.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Identify and destroy negative thoughts and behaviors (including neediness, approval seeking, hesitance, and self-doubt).

We look forward to working with your team to build their professional skills and confidence.

Week-Long Residential Program


The Art of Charm Business Bootcamp is a revolutionary school created by a team of social dynamics experts that have taken over a thousand guys from ordinary to extraordinary. This means you’ll have mastered the most tried and successful strategies upon completion of the program.

Benefiting from our years of research and expertise, you’ll improve your skills at a rapid pace. You will develop a philosophy of pride and professionalism that unlocks the tools to transform your life. You’ll master this philosophy in a practical, immersive environment.

Imagine having no fear on your path to achieve those professional goals, meeting and connecting with the people you want, and building that successful career you’ve been striving for. To do this you need to become a better man. That’s where we come in.

From your body language to your interpersonal dealings, you will explore every facet of your social skills – then adjust, adapt and transform it so you can return to your life with a new confidence and focus – and you’ll have the support of the AoC team and your peers the entire time.


Successful business is built on the relationships we create and nurture. At the beginning of our program, you’ll learn our critical Interaction Map, which will help you track your progress in any conversation and give you a framework for taking control of your interactions.

The Map, along with an extensive suite of tools and frameworks, helps eliminate the ”blind spots” all men have in their professional lives. You’ll identify these blind spots, then replace them with a keen understanding of yourself and those around you. This is the kind of self-awareness that allows you to make new connections, create lasting partnerships, and connect deeply and authentically with those around you.


Our instructors train you how to recognize and handle different personality types, develop engaging body language, use your voice and visual cues, read and interpret nonverbal signals, and – just as importantly – understand what not to do in many situations.

There are the social and psychological foundations that we help you address. An essential part of our program is to strip away the insecurities and social programming that hide your true self, allowing the best version of you to take center stage. This confidence is the foundation of any dynamic professional.

By translating Emotional Intelligence into a logical process that anyone can master, we help you discover how to be yourself – your true, authentic self – without apology or hesitation.

When you graduate from the program, you will have a rich playbook from which to draw for the rest of your life.


Finally, we are obsessed with making you great. To that end, we include detailed preparation, tons of science-based background material, and personalized follow-up coaching to make sure you get the most out of our program and enjoy your success for years to come.

First, you will be introduced to your own personal Business Bootcamp coach, who will learn about your professional goals, interests and questions before you even walk through our doors. Each experience will be tailored to ensure the goals of your professional path and company’s goals in your growth are achieved.

After the program, you are connected with alumni from a large group of professionals who provide support while you implement these tools into your business.

That’s how we guarantee our results. The program is designed to help you maintain momentum for years to come.

Meet Your Coaches

Johnny Dzubak

A former touring rock Musician and head instructor at the Art of Charm Business Bootcamp. Johnny’s unique brand of charisma and insight into your sticking points will get you to the next level, and fast.

AJ Harbinger

A former scientist, AJ has an uncanny ability to see between the cracks and diagnose what’s holding you back, as well as formulate a plan for moving you forward quickly.

What Others Say About What You’re Going To Experience


Traian K.

I’ve come to realize that the best investment you can make is not in a house, a car or any other material thing, but in yourself. And that’s what a Bootcamp is.

It’s an investment in your social skills, in self-reflection and the ability to open up, to name just a few.

The good news is it’s a heap of fun, you will meet cool people and the instructors genuinely care about seeing you succeed because after all, they went through the same process.

Sure you will be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone, but that’s all part of the fun and adds to the feeling of exhilaration when you begin to achieve your goals!

J.R., US Army Special Forces

I'm skeptical of all the self-help stuff out there. At The Art of Charm however, we see how the principles really work in practice. I've taken thousands of hours of training and nothing can compete with The Art of Charm. I recommend this to anyone who wants a leg-up on being more effective, especially guys in transition.


Kelvin S.

Before going through AoC I was on the way to leave for the Navy. I was mentally running away from the life I had because after finishing college I couldn’t get the level of work I hoped for and expected, and was scared.

Now 6 months after Bootcamp I have a new job and will have grown my annual income by over 60%. This one aspect alone made Bootcamp worth it for me. Both during Bootcamp and since I have had more consistent success than ever in my life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the logistics of Business Bootcamp?
  • Bootcamp runs Tuesday through Saturday most weeks of the month and takes place in Los Angeles, CA (you will fly into LAX). Plan on arriving the Monday night prior and departing the following Sunday morning as this gives you time to get situated and start getting to know your fellow classmates.

  • The program fee covers your lodging, so you do not need to pay for a hotel for the Monday evening through Sunday morning duration.

  • You are responsible for getting yourself to/from the house as well as food and drink. The facility in which you’ll stay has an on-site full kitchen with a fridge, microwave, blender, coffee maker and deck grill.
What is the learning environment?
  • Class sizes are approximately seven people, give or take a couple (with a maximum of 10).

  • You will work with a total of six coaches, including AJ and Johnny (who have been teaching Bootcamp for over 10 years and have worked with nearly 1000 men). In addition, it’s not uncommon for Bootcamp alum come in and help.

  • The learning modes include small group, role play (with both your group as well as with the coaches), one-on-one work with the coaches, video work, and field nights. Field nights are when you’ll go out to area venues and puts the skills you’ve been learning and practicing throughout the week to the test. Invariably, some skills will come easily while others will be more challenging. This is the true test where both you and the coaches will discover what areas you need to focus on throughout the week so that by the end of the program, you’ll have them solidly under your belt.
What types of people come through The Art of Charm Business Bootcamp?
  • Our clients hail from nearly every demographic. We’ve taught CEOs, Military Special Forces Operators, doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, consultants and IT professionals. We’ve coached college students, actors, and therapists.