Listening 101: The Key to Creating Unforgettable Conversations

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You’re out to dinner with your significant other’s parents. You’re meeting them for the first time. You need to make a good first impression. But what are you going to talk about? What should you ask them about? How will you know if you’re talking too much? Or not enough?  Meeting the parents can be intimidating. In fact, anytime you … Read More

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves Everyday (Without Realizing It)

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“Our origin stories don’t get to define us.” – Dr. Janina Scarlet Storytelling is one of humanity’s greatest gifts. It is a skill we have been perfecting for thousands of generations across the globe long before anyone started writing stories for others to read. In fact, it is almost impossible to separate storytelling from anything we do. Some of the … Read More

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What 2020 Taught Us About Happiness

2020 took a toll on us.  Loneliness, depression, and anxiety caused by social isolation. A lack of purpose and meaning as a result of high unemployment and uncertainty in the job market. Restlessness and increasingly sedentary lifestyles after being pressured to stay inside for months. The stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing when things were going to get … Read More

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The Genesis of Every Single Connection in Our Lives

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“Emotional bids are the genesis of every single connection in our lives.” – AJ Harbinger You had a long day at work. You got stuck in rush hour and hit every red light. You finally got home, made yourself comfortable, and started that latest show your friends have been raving about. It’s getting to the climax of the first episode … Read More

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3 Powerful Methods For Not Caring What Other People Think

Our problem isn’t caring what other people think. Our real problem is caring what people think who don’t care about us. We want to stop worrying about the approval from strangers. We’re not at our best when we do things only for approval. This is fine when we do it for the people we care about. It’s a problem when we do it for people we won’t ever see again.

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Tell Your Story… Before They Make One Up for You

Tell Your Story… Before They Make One Up for You

“Hmmm. Probably on drugs – I mean, look at that hair.” “No doubt, he was definitely up all night partying.” “Pfft. Dude thinks he’s too cool for school. Probably a total douchebag.” “I bet he can barely string a full sentence together.” Sometimes, it’s as if I can read people’s thoughts like they’re written in speech bubbles over their heads. … Read More

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