The Four Steps to Overcome Approach Anxiety

Here’s an experience I recently had with approach anxiety: July 28th, I walk into Chipotle, and there she is. Blonde, tall, with a ponytail extending from her baseball cap, and in full runner’s gear. I just came here to get a burrito, and instead, I’m awestruck by this beautiful woman. And she’s not alone. It appears she’s with a homeless man, and as I secretly observe their interaction, it becomes clear that she’s buying him lunch. She didn’t even order anything for herself. The man is overly grateful, and after thanking her, she leaves the venue. I HAVE to talk … Read More

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How to Build a Friend Circle From Scratch – Part 1

Arriving at the AoC house

For many years now I’ve been coaching people struggling with low self-esteem and social anxiety that were lacking a good friend circle. AJ and Johnny got word of me through a mutual friend. Long story short, they want me to come to Los Angeles, so I can coach for The Art of Charm. “Sure,” I said. And so I jumped on a plane, headed towards Hollywood. *** 3 PM, June 20th, 2018 “I’ve just landed. After sitting in my seat for 12 hours, I’m dying to get my feet moving again. It’s my first time on American soil, and as … Read More

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Fear Is Not the Problem — a Counterintuitive Approach to Dealing With Social Anxiety

Fear Is Not the Problem -- a Counterintuitive Approach to Dealing With Social Anxiety

Struggling with social anxiety is painful. For this reason, most people try to get rid of their anxiety at all costs. Here, you’ll learn why trying to get rid of social anxiety can do more harm than good — and what to do instead. [Image by Dryhead] January, 2011 I entered the party with a sigh. My friends dragged me here. And they quickly mingled with the crowd, leaving me alone by the wall, clinging to my beer and the one friend who hadn’t yet left my side.   Although I knew a couple people inside, I’ve never felt comfortable with … Read More

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